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Home restoration is vital in maintaining property worth, value, and familial prosperity. A clean house is a happy house… and, making sure that all of your home’s nooks and crannies are clean, pristine is important before assessing what could be potentially improved. Rejuvenating your home can be done yourself far cheaper, but will take more time and creative effort. This DIY approach to home improvement is popular, especially for those who have a creative flair, love to redecorate or who have extra time on their hands. People with little money can fix their house up for cheap and then sell it for more money than what they initially paid. Either way that you look at it, improving your home yourself has advantages, and best of all, DIY allows you to customize everything.

The house has many areas that are overlooked. A decorator doing it themselves knows to have the house spotless and clean before improving. Places in the home that are easily forgotten about include overhead fans and lights, fireplaces and skylights. There are more places inside that need improvement, so the best way to get everything clean and ready is to inspect the home yourself. Some decorators have their families participate while others have a friend’s third eye assist them in the home’s rejuvenation.

Great improvements are often these overlooked areas. For example, the fireplace is known to be the heart of the house; an area of warmth and Christmas joy. Cleaning masonry, and even staining areas yourself can spruce up a dingy look. Going to stores like Target, consignment shops and other large retail stores can turn up new fireplace accessories (like iron fire hardware), fireplace curtains and fire-proof decorations. If low on the budget, try cleaning the things that you already have with substances like rubbing alcohol, mineral salts and various sand rubs. Craft and hardware stores often carry fire-proof paint in colors like gold and silver that can easily hide flaws and enhance the appearance of the home’s ugly fireplaces.

Skylights can be painted within the arc where placed. This home improvement can act like an accent wall, but smaller and more discreet. It’s also an easier way to add decoration without the exercise involved in painting which can be tiring. Improving the home doesn’t need to break your back, and it’s something that an entire family can participate in to become involved in the home and chores while also teaching hard work. Any off-setting accent that somehow ties in other themes and colors on upholstery will add a pop of color and make a bedroom or living room look more modern, but without the expense.

Cheaply renovating your place can also be done by switching out unexpected furniture accessories like carpets and linens. New drapes and a fresh new runner carpet can completely change the way a room looks, and when geometrically agreeable, can broaden a living space and make it look bigger. A bigger looking room is also an easy improvement that can be done by you. Do it yourself by moving around furniture (consider a couch cover) and changing up a few colors. You can spend less money by going to a consignment shop or a store like Bed Bath and Beyond and picking up a few new accessories which match your current home’s furniture and themes though with an alternate design.

Lighting is an important home improvement that is often overlooked. Changing lamp shades, changing the color of light bulbs and rearranging where the light source is coming from is helpful, and easy. Adding tall lamps can heighten a room if placed in the right places. For those on a budget or who are shopping cheap, Christmas lights can improve a home. Some decorators practicing DIY will get creative and add cellophane and fire-proof sheer fabrics and then string them along or behind surrounding furniture. This can create a glowing effect and is a cheap solution to bad lighting. Windows can also be points of target; making sure that they are clean and look freshly painted around their seals is vital. New curtains can hide flaws and scuffs can be rubbed out with do it yourself recipes.

Home improvement may seem like a difficult task but can be fun with a little effort and an eye for style. Redecorating is something that can be done as a pastime or as an attempt to increase a home’s worth. No matter how you do it, the results will be what you want, which is the single most important part about home rejuvenation. For ideas on new and innovative home improvements, there’s always home magazines and television shows dedicated to DIY home improvement, and they can be streamed or watched on cable television. The Halo LIC has the most luxurious amenities in all of Long Island City and I’m considering making a move there as it’s also close to work.

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