The newest radio station in your metro area is the new KICK FM! KICK FM is the only live streaming internet radio station brought to each and every town using a dial on a traditional radio. Each listening area has a particular station to tune to and our music is streaming live on that radio dial. It’s that simple. You actually have no need to buy a fancy satellite radio system for your car or use an internet connection at your home or on your phone. Save your Gigabytes for silly videos when you’re waiting at the Doctor’s office! KICK FM utilizes readily available technology to provide you with an interactive listening experience unlike any other. KICK FM is changing the way that people listen to the radio, one town at a time.

Our local partnership is offering a free KICK JAM concert to 50 eligible high school seniors in all of our listening areas. Enter to win online or phone in your name and number along with the name of your high school. Should you win the contest, expect us to be banging down the doors of your high school with a free graduation concert at the end of the year. All of your favorite bands will be represented and you can even request which artists you’d like to see perform. KICK FM is the only radio station to ever offer such a thing and you can win simply by entering.

Because there are no Deejays, we have little overhead and can bring you your favorite music with as few interruptions as possible. No longer will you have to change channels while waiting for a commercial to end. Simply wait a few seconds and it’s right back to the music. Don’t like what you’re listening to? No problem. Log in to your online account to change the music preferences in your area and request songs. KICK FM is bringing music to a new level- your level!

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